Videos from Madagascar

In the past two weeks I’ve uploaded 2 videos (and one audio post) that I cut together from my time in Madagascar. Both are meant to bring the sights and sounds of the location together through the use of ambient music and quick cuts. Enjoy!

East of Africa Videos


Sapphire of Ilakaka

In-depth look at Madagascar’s largest source of Sapphire, the town of Ilakaka.

Road to Tulear


The newest post in the East of Africa series went up today. I’m pretty happy with these photos from our 2-day road trip through Madagascar…check them out below.

Article @ Gadling

Entire East of Africa Series so far.

East of Africa


My latest feature series on Gadling started today…I’ll be covering my travels in and around Madagascar – from Antananarivo to Tulear. I’ll be hitting politics & poverty, sapphire & solar panels…culture and language…with a mix of photos, video and audio clips.

Enjoy. “East of Africa” @ Gadling

Stay Golden


This week I was invited by Virgin America to cover the launch of two new lines from California to Florida (SFO – FLL & LAX – FLL), where we had the chance to interview CEO David Cush and Richard Branson himself. Check out the full write-up and video below on Gadling.

Article + Photos @ Gadling
Exclusive Video @ Gadling


I’ve been getting into reading a little bit about Carl Sagan recently, just out of coincidence (and reading alot of He died in 1996, but today would have been his 75th birthday – and so there’s been a ripple of news stories with his quotes floating around in the last few days.

One of them that I came across touches on musings about what the Voyager satellites were loaded with before they were sent out on their long and perhaps never-ending mission, and it’s quite an amazing thought really… what should we send out to sum up humanity – to sum up Planet Earth…what would you send out if you could launch a time capsule into space?

Check out what we sent:

”Accordingly, as each Voyager left Earth for the planets and the stars, it carried with it a golden phonograph record encased in a golden, mirrored jacket containing, among other things; greetings in 59 human languages and one whale language; a 12-minute sound essay including a kiss, a baby’s cry, and an EEG record of the meditations of a young woman in love; 116 encoded pictures, on our science, our civilization, and ourselves; and 90 minutes of the Earth’s greatest hits-Eastern and Western, classical and folk, including a Navajo night chant, a Japanese shakuhachi piece, a Pygmy girl’s initiation song, a Peruvian wedding song, a 3,000-year-old composition for the ch’in called “Flowing Streams,” Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, Blind Willie Johnson, and Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.””

Pretty cool, no? And funny that music is such a big influence in representing who we are…

Read more [here]

Kowloon Walled City


Forgot to post this when it went up last week! It’s been a busy few weeks, but lots more content will be coming soon.

Kowloon Walled City @ Gadling